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Scalable Compute Engineer


The healthcare IT development projects has a long-standing tradition at CertiCon. Our work is mainly focused on the issue of heart rhythm disorders and the prevention of heart failure. We are involved in the development and testing of pacemakers and defibrillators, and the work of our engineers has a relatively broad impact (by order of magnitude) on millions of patients worldwide.

We are currently working on creating infrastructure in Azure DevOps and AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud services. We are currently migrating development and production environments to Cloud services, which is why we are looking for a new colleague in our team for the position of Scalable Compute Engineer, who will help us with the implementation of this environment.



  • Experience with Kubernetes Operators / Controllers & Custom Resources
  • Kubernetes Networking – CNI / Ingress / Service Mesh / (Network Policy – lower priority)
  • Production Workloads on Kubernetes – deploying, troubleshooting, managing upgrades
  • Golang with unit testing


  • Terraform
  • Kube RBAC
  • Kustomize
  • Helm
  • Flux
  • terratest
  • Kubernetes resource utilization forecasting / planning

We offer

  • Flexible working hours, hybrid work from home and from office.
  • 5 weeks of vacation, 3 sick days.
  • Modern offices in Olomouc with good connection to public transportation.
  • Pleasant team-oriented working environment, team building activities.
  • Ongoing education and training.

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